Looks of Women Love but Men Hate

Thin eyebrows, contact lenses, glittering lipsticks, colorful nail polish.  These are just among that women love to wear in a way increase their confidence of their looks.  But not everything looks attractive to everyone.  Men sometimes hate an overdo make up.

1.  Neon Lipstick - according to a famous fashion blogger, orange lips or pink are definitely a departure from what we're used to and not necessarily something a lot of guys I know really respond to just quite yet.

2. Bold Eye Shadow - though its nice on the looks if properly apply, attractive and sexy but otherwise, its messy.  Need to seek professional guidance from fashion experts before doing your own.

3. Glitter - it overwhelm the main course.

4. Rossy Checks - most guys prefer simple application as if no make up applied.  It seems ideal for old ladies.

5. Heavy Foundation and Powders - men hates thick powders. No guys wants to kiss a women with heavy foundation on her face.

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