Marriage Life - The Unrevealed Truth

"I do" "Til Death do Us Part" "Happily Ever After" "For Better or For Worse".  These are just few of the words during wedding ceremony.  Two people bound themselves and promise each other that only death can separate their ways. Some couples after marriage did not turn out good after all.  Some did happy ending, some were not lucky enough.  I just want so share the unrevealed truth about marriage.

Before Marriage:

Boyfriend:  Yes! I've been waiting for this moment.
Girlfriend: Do you want to leave me?
Boyfriend: No! Don't ever think about it.
Girlfriend: Do you love me?
Boyfriend: Of course, over and over.
Girlfriend: Have you ever cheated on me?
Boyfriend: No! Why are you even asking that!
Girlfriend:  Will you kiss me?
Boyfriend:  Every chance I get.
Girlfriend: Will you hit me?
Boyfriend: Are you crazy? Im not that kind of person.
Girlfriend: Can I trust you?
Boyfriend: Yes.
Girlfriend:  Darling!

After Marriage:

To reveal the truth about marriage, just read it starting from the bottom.  Now, are you still interested to get married? LOL Of course, to the right person. 

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