Things Mainly for Women Were Used by Men

Fashion trends for the millenium is changing.  Designers imagination and creativity evolvement will now not disctinctive between for men or women.  Here are some things that mainly for women but actual used by men.

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans used to be for women but due to clothing company competitions, they tend to extend and expand the target market.  Men.

2. Hair Dye

Just for men has been around so long that even our dads have heard of it. But L'Oreal offers a line of haircolor kits aimed specifically at men. It's called "ColorSmart," and it only comes in three colors: Light brown, medium brown, and black. Why the "smart"? Because they're worth it.

3.  Scented Candles

New innovations man candles.  A scented candles for men.

4.  Body Wash

Dove's Men Care line of body wash and soap claims to have "micromoisture technology" that "activates" when he's lathering up, and should be used with Dove's "active clean shower tool" for best results. The female version: "NeutrimMoisture" in the body wash. Dove doesn't offer a shower tool for women, but we're sure you could cobble together your own loofah/pouf combo pretty easily.

5.  Diet Soda

Men of course drink diet soda products.  Coca cola marketed coke zero not limited to women.

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