Are Women Better Than Men?

I have read an article supported by research and studies revealed that women generally better than men.  Women were better drivers than men. In construction than men, manufacturing, in social networking, in video games.  And even in getting dressed, women are faster that men.  Its amazing huh!

According to the book writen by Dan Abrams titled "Man Down" women are better cops, gamblers, spies, world leaders, beer tasters or just anthing else.  Here in Philippines, MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) now hiring lady bus drivers to the fact that women are more vigilant and cautious than men.

Women live longer than men for at least five years.  This is based on behavior and genetics that women have strong immune system.  Men are more expose on risk and vices.  Men are risk takers than women, in fact car accidents due to drank drivers pointing out to men.

In the field of medicine, higher percentage on misconduct or incompetency are men.  In US, male physicians are likely to be sued than women.

So, what field that men better than women?  Men are better in parking.  Better dieaters. Have a better distance vision and read maps better.  Men biggest problem is that they are over-confident while women are lack of self-confidence that they can do better than men.

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